Satellite position : 5E

Price per day: 0,12

Price per month: 3,60€

Viasat Baltic is one of the most successful operators of satellite TV offering the number of various channels for the audience with different preferences and interests.
In the operator broadcasting zone, more than 17 countries are included (among them, European countries and the countries of ex-USSR).
However, the most of the Viasat Baltic channels are broadcasted in Russian, some of them are broadcasted in foreign languages.
It is very convenient that all the channels are broadcasted without ads – therefore, no need to have a break during TV-shows in order to watch ads for the 100th time.
This feature will be primarily liked by sport show fans who wish to enjoy their favorite shows, not annoying ads.
The satellite TV operator Viasat Baltic continues to win recognition among the viewers all over the world thanks to the high quality of signal, balanced variety of the channels considering requests of all viewer categories.
Thanks to the cardsharing service, anybody who wants may connect to the Viasat Baltic package without overpaying and get access to all channels without any restrictions.
Moderate charge and high quality of signal transmission make cardsharing an exceptional choice for viewers who prefer the European quality for beneficial price.