Satellite position : 4W

Price per day: 0,07

Price per month: 2,10€

Xtra TV is a relatively young operator available on the satellite TV market allowing to be connected even without pre-installed satellite equipment.
It is sufficient to have a satellite dish only.
While the operator has been created not so long ago, it rapidly captured its share of market and found its audience.
At first sight, it seems that selection of Xtra TV channels is not wide.
However, this is not true.
All channels were thoroughly selected and represent the most popular categories. For viewers convenience, the following thematic packages have been formed:
Child, Universal, Sport, Educational, Football, etc. The number of channels contained in each package is about ten. Therefore, users may choose the channels by themselves and pay only per viewing them.
For TV-viewers using Xtra TV operator services, a high quality of broadcasting is traditional.
It is not surprising since the broadcast is implemented using the satellites possessing a high definition signal.
Now, the high quality of Xtra TV broadcast became more moderate – cardsharing service is used for this purpose.
Using cardsharing allows getting access to all transmitted channels with the minimum price for connection.
Therefore, cardsharing is a unique chance for users who value their finances to join high quality and modern standards of the satellite TV.
To connect to the cardsharing service, one is required to only make payment comprising several cents per day or several US Dollars per month and immediately start watching the channels selected.